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After 50 years this suburban side-split house was in need of an update. The goal was to open up the space and organize it to fit a more contemporary lifestyle which included an outdoor pool and working from home.

As the client’s requests become more elaborate the design shifted and morphed. Each time the design team would respond with “Why not?”. This open minded attitude to solving problems literally led to the solution which organizes the floor plan into a “Y”. All three axis’ knot together in the heart of the house located in the kitchen.

The kitchen opens up to an impressive backyard oasis, complete with pool, hot tub and outdoor showers. Inside the house has been updated and includes a sound isolated ‘Zoom Room’ to accommodate remote work. The basement was envisioned as a study hall that could be converted into an area to entertain guests. A new amphitheater set of steps provides ample seating for visitors coming to watch the game.

An open minded attitude allowed for an open concept design strategy that reinvigorate an old home and brought it a new life.

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