IR-wing House

Ir-Wing House 1 Ir-Wing House 2 Ir-Wing House 3 Ir-Wing House 4 Ir-Wing House 5 Ir-Wing House 6 Ir-Wing House 7 Ir-Wing House 8

The IR-Wing house transforms a 100 year old house into a warm & efficient home for a young family. The renovation is anchored around a rear addition which created a new master bedroom, living room & kitchen. By extending the roof line of the original mansard roof, the house silhouette respects the heritage of the streetscape. Bold new windows brings light into the house & create a new modern aesthetic.

The project also features a new yoga studio built on top of the existing laneway garage. This new space provides a calm refuge to relax and enjoy the views of the new courtyard in the backyard.

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