#YOR_Place Multi-Unit Residential/Mixed Use


  • Ottawa, ON
  • Multi-Unit Residential/Mixed Use
  • 8,000 sq. ft
  • 2025

#YOR_PLACE stands as a unique mid-rise structure, skillfully blending upscale living with practical design along the serene expanse of Beachwood Avenue in New Edinburgh. Its architecture breaks from convention, featuring a dynamic form that seemingly hovers gracefully above the ground.

Subtle yet striking, golden accents adorn the structure, casting a soft glow. Expansive windows offer glimpses into the bustling urban surroundings, while vertical fins on the façade play a dual role – providing privacy and animating the dynamic facades.

Situated in a bilingual city, the project's name cleverly plays on language. "YO(u)R" Place invites residents to embrace a sense of ownership in their living space. Simultaneously, the French word "Or," meaning gold, inspires the elegant gilded detailing which distinguishes the structure.

The final design presents a confident statement, that engages the street and admiration of the community passing by.