The Shop @ 60A Commercial

The Shop @ 60A

  • Ottawa, ON
  • Commercial
  • 1,500 sq.ft
  • 2020

At first glance, the former mechanic’s garage has been transformed into the home for the 5:2:8 Creative Coffee Collective. Located on a small residential street, it welcomes caffeine enthusiasts and is the creative hub for the neighborhood. Once inside, the café walls are adorned with architectural projects and models creating something truly unique. In addition to serving coffee, the Shop served as the original office for both 25:8 Architecture + Urban Design.

The firm took the adage “If a garage is good enough for Apple & Amazon, it's good enough for Architecture”. While the space was raw, it had one unique characteristic. Some time during the 90s, the space had been fitted up as a small family restaurant. So, instead of converting the café into just an office, 25:8 Architecture + Urban Design turned the office into a café! In 2021, the 5:2:8 Creative Coffee Collective was born, and it opened its doors to the public.

In a short period of time, a derelict garage transformed to become an anchor in a community.