#Riving_Twins Multi-Unit Residential


  • Carp, ON
  • Multi-Unit Residential
  • 6,000 sq. ft
  • TBC

Twins are unique because they are simultaneously the same, yet different. The #Riving_Twins project takes inspiration from this exceptional contradiction.

The project establishes a new multi-unit residential building on a narrow site. The building’s position along an ‘S’ curved street means its new access point can cut through the middle of the building. Both sides of the building are mirrors of each other, yet their exterior expression is slightly different. This architecture reinforces the concept of Twins by making the units the same... but also different.

Architecturally, the project uses the vernacular of the local hay barns in the area. The simple structure is economical and robust. The metal cladding draws reference to the industrial materials used on local farms. The traditional form and materials create a “sameness” with the local area. Yet, these things are used in non-traditional ways. Through this playful application, the Riving Twins creates an architecture that's both similar and distinct.