#RedRidingHoodHouse Residential


  • Lanark, ON
  • Residential
  • 600 sq.ft
  • 2025

Once upon a time there was a family that wanted a cabin to escape into the woods…

The forested site was teeming with wildlife. The family wanted the cabin to integrate with the landscape yet touch it lightly. Located in a small clearing, the structure is designed to observe the migration of animals, particularly a pack of local wolves. The weekend retreat was envisioned as a place for generations to come together and where new family stories would be created. Inspired by their favourite fairy tale, the Red Riding Hood House creates a playful cabin that stretches the imagination in search of big, bad wolves.

The cabin’s iconic red ‘Cape’ drapes over an outdoor firepit and two sleeping structures nicknamed the ‘BrEaD Baskets’. The Cape creates a semi-enclosed roof that offers shelter from the rain and snow while providing an airy, shaded retreat during the warm summer months. While the red structure is bright and dynamic to the human eye, it is ironically indistinguishable from the greenery as many animals, including K9’s, are colorblind. This enables the cabin to blend into the surroundings while making it the perfect lookout for wildlife.

The most distinctive feature of the architecture is the roof slide; which provides a whimsical escape from the children’s play loft. The family can use the slide to splash down into the swimming hole to cool off, or as a fun escape from the clubhouse. Practically, the slide will redirect roof rainwater to the pond while providing covered storage for firewood.

Although small in stature, the Red Riding Hood House achieves big ambitions. It is the place where family tales are made and where a young family lived happily ever after... The End.