#PEC_Prius_House Residential


  • Prince Edward County, ON
  • Residential
  • 1,500 sq.ft
  • 2022

The #PEC_Prius_House derives its name from its location (Prince Edward County) and its hybrid strategy for sustainable design. The project aims to use economical passive, and active, solutions to reduce the home’s carbon footprint. This comes in the form of a super insulated envelope with a high albedo cladding. The result is a building that retains warmth during the winter while reflecting heat during the summer.

On the property, the home acts as a threshold between the street and a private backyard oasis. A central breezeway cuts through the center of the building creating a place to capture cooling air flow while providing a place to enjoy outdoor gatherings. Half of the home serves as a private residence while the annex portion acts as a rental unit for vacationers in the area.

The open concept plan provides double height spaces and creates a sense of grandeur despite its compact footprint. To promote efficiency, playful spaces such as kid cubbies & window seats are provided in nooks throughout the home to ensure everyone can have a place of their own.

Architecturally, the simple gable roof draws reference to the rural vernacular of the area. Large windows on the south side provide free passive heating and help reduce energy costs. Modular design and prefabrication offer solutions to ensure the project remains on budget and construction waste is significantly reduced.

The #PEC_Prius_House has a hybrid solution that demonstrates that economy and ecology can be balanced to create a beautiful and sustainable home.