#Parc_Omega_Resort Hospitality/Multi-Unit Residential


  • Ottawa, ON
  • Hospitality/Multi-Unit Residential
  • 50,000 sq. ft
  • Pending

The Parc Omega Resort is nestled in the heart of the boreal forest. Situated on the western edge of Lac à Vézina, this unique location welcomes guests arriving at the park. The site provides the ideal place to take in the picturesque views of the park's wildlife and landscape. The complex features a variety of family-friendly spaces, including indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, a 400-seat conference hall, a 118-room hotel, and two full-service restaurants.

The dynamic structure is inspired by a tree growing out of the landscape. The building's wings act like the roots and anchor the facility to the earth. The gentle sloping roofs pay homage to the rolling hills of the area while allowing the resort to blend into the landscape. The iconic 25-meter observation tower reaches above the tree line and provides visitors with majestic, panoramic views of the park.

This award-winning design brings new opportunities for visitors to embrace and experience the Canadian landscape, all while in the comfort of a 5-star resort.