#Musical_Stair Institutional


  • Ottawa, ON
  • Institutional/Educational
  • 50 sq.ft
  • 2022

Bright kids need bright steps!

Inspired by the Montessori Method, these new steps create a fun and didactic opportunity every day as students enter the school. The colorful pickets act like a giant xylophone and encourage students to strum them up the stairs. The varying lengths and thicknesses of the pickets create a unique sound as children play their way up the steps.

The risers of the steps provide a daily opportunity for kids to learn their colors and numbers as they climb to the front door. At the center of it, is a mini slide. This makes leaving school just as exciting as arriving. The edges of the slide make the perfect handrail for small people while an adult handrail is on the exterior. This means everyone can hold hands while still holding a handle.

Who would have imagined that such a small project would have such a big impact?