#mART-in_House Residential


  • Ottawa, ON
  • Residential
  • 1,200 sq.ft
  • Pending

The #mART-in House was designed for a celebrated Ottawa artist who needed a home that could accommodate her aging mobility needs. The design transforms an existing ranch home into a place that celebrates art + accessibility. The white colour scheme that covers the new cladding and existing brick is deliberate. White space in art is essential by providing a neutral canvas to which an artistic medium can be added. Whether it’s a large scale painting or video projection, the house’s envelope becomes another canvas to provide artistic expression. Additionally, white provides a high albedo which reflects solar radiation & reduces the need for air conditioning. The façade becomes a way to ameliorate the environment, both visually and sustainably.

Internally, the home reorganizes the existing spaces to create rooms large enough to accommodate a mobility device. The spaces are open and promote connectivity throughout the house.

The main feature is a Studio Suite addition specifically tailored to enable accessibility and promote creativity. A large window on the front façade floods the space with natural light and becomes the main architectural feature. The new Studio provides an open + accessible space for the creation and appreciation of art.