#Ferndale_Flightdeck Residential


  • Ottawa, ON
  • Residential
  • 1,000 sq.ft
  • 2023

With their passion for bird watching, the homeowners sought to capitalize on the unique location of their property, which borders a diverse and ecologically rich landscape. The design strategy ingeniously maximizes the existing space by constructing a new family area on top of an existing carport, complete with a rooftop deck for enjoying nature at its finest. However, the most breathtaking aspect of the design is the "wing" element that conceals the new 'V' column. The graceful curves of the wooden structure impart a sense of fluid motion, giving the impression that the entire construction is gracefully suspended above the ground.

Thoughtful apertures have been strategically incorporated into the fa├žade, providing unobstructed and artfully framed views of the surrounding landscape. At the front, a single window frames a picturesque view of distant trees. This generously sized window is cleverly protected by a sliding battened screen, ensuring its protection during family basketball games in the driveway. The addition was meticulously designed to cater to the three P's: Professional, Physical, and Play. The home office satisfies the need for a professional workspace, while the dedicated yoga area offers an ideal spot for physical activity. Lastly, a designated play space serves as a gathering spot for the family to enjoy board games and puzzles together. The end result is a simple yet striking addition that seems to soar over the landscape, evoking the graceful flight of a bird.