#Baxcess: Baxter Center Institutional/Educational

#Baxcess: Baxter Center

  • Kars, ON
  • Institutional/Educational
  • 2,000 sq.ft
  • 2024

The Baxter Center is an environmental education center located outside of Ottawa. To create a more welcoming space, the project redesigned the school to incorporate gender-neutral and universal access bathroom facilities. The fluid space provides privacy for the users while also enabling the aching staff to ensure order. The oversized handwash sink is designed to accommodate many students simultaneously while also serving as a cleaning station for natural artifacts brought in for studies.

To manage the budget and provide a robust finish, the renovation uses construction-grade plywood for the walls. This eliminated the cost of drywall finishing and enabled the staff to complete the construction on their own. Excess wood was then converted into mulch or used in the outdoor campfire, eliminating the need for a construction waste bin.

The renovated space now provides universal access to environmental education for all students, both inside and out.