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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada




2,000 sq.ft



“Y-Knot” is both an architectural concept and design philosophy. The process of transforming a standard house into something spectacular involves exploring solutions outside the traditional realm.

The project requests were numerous and often required balancing opposing ideas. This included:

1. A family home that also supports an office.
2. A pool that integrates with interior of the house
3. Architecture that respects the heritage of the neighborhood but is also contemporary.

To develop the unique design solution the answer lay in a question: “Why Not?”

These questions led to a design solution used the letter “Y” in the plan to create new circulation paths and reorganize the functions. A “Knot” at the entrance hallway ties together the existing circulation with a new diagonal axis. This new armature reorients the space to the new backyard oasis. The “Y” geometry is reinforced with a ‘Ribbon’ that wraps both the floor, wall and ceiling. Dark cladding and materials are used to denote ‘new’ additions to the home. Natural wood on the façade serves as a counter point to create visual warmth and denote areas of repose.

The main feature of the house remains the new backyard pool surrounded by tiered decks for backyard enjoyment. The final project is a home which is both respectful to the suburban surroundings while simultaneously creating a new family oasis.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to be willing to do things you’ve never done” -Thomas Jefferson.