The Shop @ 60A

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada




1,500 sq.ft



At first glance the store front at the Shop is home to the 5:2:8 Creative Coffee Collective. The former mechanics garage has been transformed into a functional coffee shop for caffeine enthusiasts and is the creative hub for the neighbourhood. Once inside, the café walls are adorned with architectural projects and models creating something truly unique. In addition to serving coffee, the Shop is also the office for both 25:8 Architecture + Urban Design and 25:8 Research + Design. This unique collaboration attracts digital nomads who enjoy both excellent coffee as well as the creative ambience.

The ‘Shop’ is so duly named because it is a venue to shop for coffee but its also a workshop where the team at 25:8 experiment with design ideas. The interior space, rooftop and courtyard are constantly being altered to test design concepts including; kinetic architecture, ephemeral design & universal accessibility.

The Shop has a third exceptional function. While most offices close for the evening, the Shop stays open all through the night. In the evening hours the Shop‘s commercial galley comes alive with a virtual kitchen. Gourmet burgers are prepared for take out or home delivery. The kitchen operates throughout the night until the bakers arrive in the early morning hours. At 5:28am the space is transformed back into a coffee shop in time for the morning work rush. This unique space ensures the space is a hub for activity, 25 hours 8 Days a week.