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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Residential Addition


500 sq.ft



The #m-ART-in_House is both a home and an art studio.

The design takes cues by three main drivers: Accessibility, Space for Art and Budget.

The Studio Suite design creates a new space specifically tailored to enable accessibility and promote creativity. The design aims to minimize the impact on the existing house while also maximizing its value and functionality.

The new design Studio provides an open and accessible space for the creation and appreciation of art. A large window on the front façade floods the space with natural light and becomes the main architectural feature. The new space is a located at grade, providing easy access to the garage and public transportation. Access from the Studio to the existing ground floor is provided by a mechanical lift which is integrated into the design.

The Studio integrates a dedicated space for greenery and the owner’s cats. Both these functions become features in the new space and make it bespoke for the needs of owner.

The environment where we live, and work can shape our enjoyment and imagination. With its simple form and dynamic presence, the Studio proves that accessibility can be integrated with architecture to create a place that is both interconnected and inspirational.