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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Residential Addition


1,000 sq.ft



As avid bird watchers, the owners wanted to take advantage of the property’s unique location adjacent to a diverse, ecological landscape. The design strategy maximizes the footprint for the new family space on top of an existing carport and provides a new rooftop deck to enjoy nature. A batten screen serves as both a privacy screen and guard for the new rooftop balcony. The wood extends to the ground, like a wing, to mask the new ‘V’ column and paddle board storage at grade. The resultant form appears to hover above the ground, like a bird in flight.

Strategic corners between walls-roof and wall-wall are cut from the facade creating unobstructed, framed views of nature.

The front façade features a single window, framing trees in the distance. The generous window is creatively protected by a batten screen which swings open to reveal the family’s basketball net. The swinging battens are echoed in the interior where they are used for a green wall. Within the home a new home office is positioned with framed views of the Ottawa River & treetops.