7 Star General

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada




1,200 sq.ft



The renovation of this modest CMHC house converted a dark, cellular space into a bright and open home. The modest budget meant that every design decision had to be thoughtful, while simultaneously maximizing its impact.

The spaciousness and flow of the house were created by minimizing the number of interior walls, in addition to also using pocket doors to create an open concept. The front balcony on the second floor is the most striking addition to the building; the angular shape cantilevers over the front door, providing coverage from the rain, while simultaneously directing views from the second floor towards the mature maple tree in the front yard.

The white metal façade brings a sleek modern aesthetic to the home. It also serves to reflect the sun, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning in the summer. Vertical wood battens bring a warm material contrast to the inside and outside of the home. Functionally, they provide a screen for privacy while also allowing natural light to filter into the house.

The #7StarGeneral_House proves that simple moves can make dramatic changes.